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Oil VS Electricity – Let’s Compare the Both

If you didn’t know already, the world is becoming more and more solar powered.

What does this mean?

It means that a lot of our power like housing appliances and car fuel is coming from electricity generated from the Sun.

You see, there’s technology that can convert the sun’s rays into energy and that energy can be used in your properties and cars.

solar energy

This technology is getting a lot cheaper. For example, electrical vehicles would be $70,000. Now you can get them for $30,000.

That’s a drastic price decrease. Now, $30,000 is not cheap but the price has definitely taken a hit. And that’s just the nature of new technology.

When new technology is released, it’s very expensive at first. For example, when the computer was released, it would go on average for $6oo which would be thousands back in those days.

Now, you can easily get a much more powerful computer for $300.

This is bad news for the oil rig companies and car companies that use your typical gasoline.

As time goes on, there’s going to be less demand for oil. And that’s going to hurt a lot of these corporate businesses.

Solar powered energy has slapped oil in the face and it’s going to be an even bigger slap in the face when solar energy is affordable for every house hold like the fridge and the internet.

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