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How to Find a Better Convicted Driver Insurance by Doing Less

A conviction makes your life difficult in many ways. You will need to pay hefty fines or penalties. You may need to serve a jail-time, and you may have to enrol in the different kinds of rehabilitation programs.  If you are on parole, you may have to consider various other aspects.

Among these issues, insurance is the last thing on anyone’s mind. People do not consider checking their insurance terms important after a conviction. But, insurance is also something that can lead you to trouble after a conviction.

Most of the insurance policies have specific terms and conditions. Considering convicts as the high-risk driver whether the insurance is related to driving or not, the insurance companies are reluctant in offering car insurance for convicted drivers, resulting either in the cancellation of the policy or rejection of the claim.

However, there is some specialty insurance provider that offer good convicted driver insurance deals. But, doesn’t it sound like a lot of work to go through insurer after insurer to just ask if they cover convicted drivers first and their quote second?

Yes, it seems like a lot of work. So, to help the drivers facing insurance blues after conviction, here are the hacks to find comprehensive convicted driver insurance by doing less.

driver insurance

1-    Use Insurance Comparison Websites

Why do you want to do the legwork when someone is willing to do it on your behalf? The insurance comparison websites are the best escape from doing the hard work.

You do not need to visit websites after websites or fill forms after forms. Just go to the insurance comparison website such as and click on the convicted driver insurance. By giving out details about your car, your license and you conviction history, you will find the cheapest quotes from the specialized insurers.

All of this can be accomplished in a few minutes, and you are good to purchase the right insurance policy.

2-    Raise Your Excess

As insurance for the high-risk drivers is usually more expensive than the standard insurance policy, one way to deal with the problem is to raise your excess. Excess is the share you pay in addition to your policy’s coverage when you file a claim to your insurance company. When you raise your excess, your insurer will be willing to lower down your premium on Car insurance for Convicted driver. But, it can also cause a difficult situation for you if your excess is more than you can afford in case of an accident.

3-    Do Not Disclose Your Spent Conviction

convicted driver insurance

Your conviction is only relevant to your insurance policy until it is unspent. Every conviction has a duration after which it becomes spent, i.e. irrelevant. So, if you have a spent conviction, you should not disclose it to your insurance provider.

However, you must tell all of your unspent convictions as hiding them can lead you to the trouble.

Lastly, the convicted driver insurance is more complicated than the standard car insurance. But, with the right actions, you can make it affordable for you.

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