Extend Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Home

How to Extend Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Home with Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes the Wi-Fi router can become sluggish in speed and lose signal in some rooms. Below are various tips you can implement to extend Wi-Fi coverage;

  • Updating your router

It’s essential to keep updating your router. Depending on your router model or manufacturer, updating is an easy process. Some routers have an in-built interface for upgrading, whereas the old models will require you to download from the manufacturer’s website.

Updating also prevents malware attacks and theft of bandwidth.

  • Changing the Channel

A router can broadcast on different Wi-Fi channels. However, your choice of a channel can be what most people around you are using, causing a network jam.

This can be alleviated by switching to a different channel that is less congested. The steps are easy to follow;

  • First, you log in to your router as an admin
  • Locate the wireless settings from your settings
  • Go to the Channel Option. (Most likely you are set to Auto)
  • Select the channel of your choice
  • Save

Extend Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Home

There you are, now you can restart your router

  • Replacing your Antenna

The majority of Wi-Fi routers are packaged with small and weak antennas. This is because powerful antennas are abnormally large for packaging. However, they can be bought separately from manufactures if you don’t mind their hideous size.

You can choose to install antennas that are either directional – that sends signals in one direction of your choice or omnidirectional – which can send a signal in all directions.

If you have an internal antenna, the best choice to go for is the external one because it sends a stronger signal.

Before purchasing, ensure you first check with your router manufacturers through their website to know the kind of antenna that will work best for your router.

Extend Wi-Fi Coverage

  • Purchase a Wi-Fi Extender/Booster/Repeater

A router can travel up to a certain distance, and the distance can be limited by corners and walls, making it hard to penetrate and perform evenly. This can cause some rooms to experience weak signal or no signal at all.

Wi-Fi extender booster can be used at such instances to pick signal from the main router and rebroadcast it to the weak spots. The Booster should be placed near the main router and also not very far away from the weak spot so that it can extend the signal.

Parting Shot

Before purchasing a Wi-Fi Booster, evaluate the size of the area you need to be covered. NetSpot is a network analyzer that can help you achieve this. This will help you purchase the most appropriate Wi-Fi booster.

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