emergency lighting in workspace

Importance of Emergency Lighting in the Workplace

As an employers you are liable to install emergency lighting system in the workplace especially at the fire exists points. That will allow people to see the escape route clearly and get out of the building in emergency situation. In this way you can prevent the accidents that might happen while people will be trying to get out of the building. Installing the emergency lighting is not enough infect you have to test them on a regular basis. These lights will turn on automatically to make the evacuation process easier and allow people to safely detect the way to get out. Basically, you should prefer to get the emergency lighting certificate after testing it from a registered electrician. Here in this article we are discussing about the importance of emergency lighting in the workplace:

1. Helps in The Timely Evacuation of Employees:

importance of emergency lighting in workplace

Actually the emergency lighting is most important part of any organization and it should be present in the fire exit or safety plans of the company. Keep in mind that after hearing the fire alarm first thing employees will do is to run towards the exist or escape routes. And at that time obviously they needed to see the escape routes that is only possible with the help of an emergency lighting system. So yes, we can say that in this situation emergency lighting will play a very important role. And will allow safe and timely evacuation of employees out of the building.

2. Its OSHA Requirement to Install Emergency Lighting:

Next, you should know that installing emergency lighting is obligatory for the owner according to OSHA regulations. That’s why you simply can’t afford to ignore this requirement, and for keeping your employees safe and secure you have to install them in your building. Keep in mind that installing the emergency lighting is not enough. Infect you have to do regular testing and checking of these lighting. To make sure that it won’t get failed in the emergency

3. Help You to Avoid Accidents at Stairwells:

Obviously the first thing that happen at the time of emergency is the loss of power connection. And in that situation emergency lighting should automatically turn on. So that people might see the way clearly and get out of the building. Don’t forgot to install the emergency lighting on the stairways. As that’s the place where more accidents might happen, especially when there will be no emergency lights installed at this place. Other than that you should prefer to display illuminated exists, signs so that people would know from where they have to get out of the building. It will make the evacuation of employees much easier.

importance of emergency lighting

4. Help People to Stay Calm During Emergencies:

Other than that at the time of emergency when people will see properly the escape route then it will help them to stay calm get out of the building. So you should your employees about the escape routes. So in this way at the time of emergency employees will already know where they have to go and what escape plan they have to follow. This will automatically help you to reduce the risk of having casualties. Emergency lighting plays a very important role to make the escape plan successful and save people’s life.


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