What exactly is the landlords electrical safety certificate

Landlords electrical safety certificate

Learn the key facts about EICR

What exactly is the landlords electrical safety certificate? 

The certificate also referred to as an Electrical Inspection Condition Report or EICR, is routine safety inspection of the installation and condition of the electrical system in your properties. The inspection has been designed to bring in higher standards of health and safety, primarily in the rental sector.

Can I self-certify my properties

Is the EICR a legal requirement? 

As you may be aware, there have been a number of changes to legislation in the rental sector with regards to the landlord’s electrical safety certificate so it is important that you are aware of these changes. The most recent changes, which became active on 1st June 2020, meaning that now all landlords wishing to start a new tenancy, renew an existing tenancy or replace existing tenants, will be required to produce a ‘satisfactory’ electrical report.

For your own home, there is currently no legal requirement to have an EICR although it is recommended for your own safety.

I have a property that is already let, do I need one? 

With properties that already have tenants in place, you need to produce an EICR, however, you have until April 1st 2021 to do so.

I have a property that is already let, do I need one

Who can issue the report? 

The current guidelines advise the report must be carried out by a ‘competent and qualified person’. They must have taken the relevant courses and training which cover the periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations. They must also be registered with a scheme provider to ensure their compliance with IET 18th Edition.

Remember to ask the electrician which scheme body they are approved with and their certification credentials. Some of the most commonly recognised accreditation bodies are Stroma, Napit, Elecsa, and NICEIC.

Can I self-certify my properties? 

You are able to self certify providing you hold the necessary qualifications – to provide a landlords electrical safety certificate you need to be qualified to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

Who can issue the report

What does the electrician need to check? 

The landlords electrical safety certificate is a thorough and in-depth inspection of the entire system. The survey consists of a full inspection and testing of the properties fixed electrical wiring which includes all fixed electrical mains cabling, electrical distribution boards and goes through to the final electrical outlets such as electrical sockets, fused spurs, light fittings, and switches.

How long should the inspection take? 

This will depend on the size of the property but you should allow 60-90 minutes for smaller apartments and up to 4-5 hours for large houses.

How long should the inspection take

Does the engineer need to turn off the power? 

Yes, there is normally a short power outage whilst each circuit is tested so make sure the occupants are aware!

Can I fail the EICR? 

Yes, you can. Your responsibility as a landlord does not end with having the inspection carried out. If you wish to rent the property it must be issued with a ‘Satisfactory’ landlords electrical safety certificate.

What happens after the inspection? 

You will receive the report by email. This can sometimes take 4 or 5 days so book well in advance! Should your property meet the correct standard then your certificate will be marked as ‘satisfactory’.

What does the electrician need to check

If it does not, the report will be classed as ‘unsatisfactory’, which means that remedial work is required. The report will detail which elements of the system failed the test and why using the following coding;

  • C1 – the system contains an element where ‘danger is present’, risk of injury is likely and immediate action is required.
  • C2 – an element is potentially dangerous and remedial action is needed urgently.
  • C3 – an improvement to your electrical system is recommended. The C3 code is the only classification that can appear whilst still passing the inspection.

How much does it cost? 

Pricing for EICRs depends on the size of the property. Studio apartments start at just £79 with 2 bedroom properties from as little as £99.

How much does it cost

I’m a multi property landlord, can I get a discount? 

Of course! MyConstructor already deals with numerous multi property landlords who want to keep their maintenance needs under one roof. Simply get in touch and let us know how many properties you need tested and the number of bedrooms in each one – we can then offer you an ever lower rate! .

What happens if I don’t get one?

Failure to comply with regulations is taken very seriously and the local authority can issue civil penalties of up to £30,000 per breach.

What happens if I don’t get one

How can I book an EICR? 

For all of your landlords electrical safety certificate needs simply contact MyConstructor! They have a comprehensive nationwide network of fully qualified electricians. Simply click here, let us know the postcode, number of bedrooms and then book online with fixed prices, 24/7!

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