6 Anniversary Surprises For Mum

Your parent’s wedding anniversary is coming up, and dad’s asked for a little help. Or maybe you realise it’s high time he surprise mum with something special, be it a gift, an experience or simply a romantic evening. So, what do you do? You help, of course!

To help you, we’ve put together some inspiration that might get you and dad thinking and planning the perfect anniversary surprise for your mum.

  1. Create a walk down memory lane.

What could be more exciting and romantic than reliving their vows? Surprise mum with a ceremony where they exchange garlands or rings with one another to mark the occasion. It’s a wonderful way to relive their wedding day – with you there to help!

surprises for mom

  1. Put together a slideshow.

Get out all your family photos and help dad put together a fun and romantic slideshow for him and mum to relive those precious memories. From before you were born to their wedding day right up until now, put together a combination of images to showcase how wonderful life has been together and as a family. Help dad choose the background music for the slideshow and then plan a romantic dinner for them to enjoy as they enjoy the walk down memory lane. You can even insert a video – if any – wherein your dad proposed to your mum with one of those diamond rings NZ ladies would envy.

  1. Book an art session.

If your parents enjoy painting, suggest that your dad book a couple’s art class (or do it for them). Register for the experience and leave them to have fun painting together, especially if your mum’s always going on about doing stuff together or even talking about painting and artwork. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to create a masterpiece of memories on a very special occasion.

gifts for mom

  1. Plan a romantic night in.

If your parent’s anniversary falls in the winter, or if the weather’s just not right for outdoor activities, help your dad prepare a special night in your own living room floor. If there’s a fireplace, make sure he lights it and then suggest that he places a snuggly blanket on the floor and create a romantic dinner picnic for two. Don’t forget to chill the champagne!

  1. Opt for a relaxing anniversary.

Help dad decide where your mum’s favourite place is to relax at home. Whether it’s on the deck or out in the garden, or even in the lounge, help him create a candlelit space where they can just sit down and enjoy a glass of wine together – he could even order a takeaway to save any of you having to cook or clean up! If life’s really hectic for your parents, just some together time with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and conversation will be appreciated.

anniversary surprises for mom

  1. Plan a getaway.

Speaking of life being hectic, why not help your dad plan a special getaway for their anniversary? You could help him surprise your mum by having her stuff packed and ready to go as soon as she gets in on Friday afternoon. No matter the destination, she’ll be thrilled at the effort!

These are just a few ways to help your parents celebrate their special occasion. Think about things they like to do together and help your dad plan the perfect and personalised surpersonalized

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