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Ways to decorate your homes on Easter

Easter is almost here and are you still looking for ideas to decorate your homes? Your search ends here as you can learn about arty and straightforward ways to use necessary things to make grand preparations for Easter. These are easy, affordable and inexpensive ideas that can be tried out even if you aren’t a creative person. Welcome your guests to an Easter lunch or tea party to your house decorated all by yourself. This is the joy of spring and Easter that gets everyone working together to make merry.

A banner for the entrance-

Take a sheet of colourful felt and cut down cute bunny shapes along a line in the form of a banner. Draw eyes and lips with a marker and attach two strings on both the ends to hang the cute bunny shaped banner right at your entrance to welcome people for Easter celebrations. That’s the best way to start with your home decorations. For More Details about Backdrops, Please Visit BDS UK.

Cute bowls for the coffee table-

You can buy some cheap and readily available bowls for the coffee table in bright colours or cute animal shapes like rabbit, cat or bunny. Look up the internet to get crockeries at cheap discount rates. Try Deal Voucherz for exciting Easter offers. Use the bowls for the coffee table by filling them up with colourful candies.

Easter Egg Balloons-

Use a bunch of Easter egg balloons amidst the floral decorations at each corner to give a vibrant look to the room. It makes the floral decorations stand out even more. Use small balloons and paint them like Easter eggs and tie them up in a bunch. You can use colourful base colours and decorate them like usual or have metallic shade Easter egg balloons.

decorate home for easter

Emoji eggs-

It is the age of emojis, and we love using them, don’t we? Half our conversations happen over emojis. Why not have fun-filled ways of crafting Easter eggs as a set of emojis? Prepare a tray of eggs painted like WhatsApp emojis and put it on display for everyone to see. You can use egg shells or plastic or papermache eggs, paint them yellow and then use a marker to draw the eyes and expressions.

Spray painted eggs for kids-

Let kids also have their share of fun in decorating homes for Easter. Sometimes they are even more creative and full of ideas than we can imagine. Let them reuse the kind of art they are learning at schools to decorate Easter eggs. For instance, spray painting is a technique taught to most kids at school. They can use the method to create beautiful Easter eggs to display at home.

Floral painted eggs in a wreath

Easter celebrations look incomplete without a beautiful wreath at the door or the centre of the decorations. Create a wreath using Easter eggs for an Easter theme wreath rather than the usual ones. This will make it look special for the occasion. Have the eggs coloured in light pastel shades and paint small floral and leafy patterns on them to signify the ushering of spring. Surround the eggs with foliage to make the spring theme even more evident and expressive. Such a symbol of freshness and positivity brings good vibes for the occasion.

Bunny cushions-

Turn your old cushion covers attractive for the living room by giving them a fresh coat of paint. Yes, you read it right. Monochrome cushion covers that have worn out with time can look great if you paint bunny shaped figures in bright fabric colours. Sew some lace on the edges to give them a new lease of life and let them be the centre of attraction in the living room.

Flowery eggs as takeaways-

Let your guests return with a small takeaway this Easter. These easy to make customized shells are fun to make and beautiful to look at. Paint the shells with basic pastel colour and fix a flower on it with glue. You can use other adornments too as per your wish. Use a sharp pointed marker pen to write the name or a message for each of your special guests.

Decorated Mason jars-

Old mason jars from the kitchen can be used up in unique ways on Easter. Paint the lids as per your wish in floral or animal or polka dot themes. Decorate them by fixing faux flowers, moss and leaves on the body for a spring themed look. You can use them to serve drinks or keep them in the centre of the table filled with candies for kids or coloured pebbles as a decorative piece.

Chocolate eggs for Easter-

Your Easter delicacies can also be a part of your decorations. While floral decorations can make the dining table look interesting, people actually look for the delicacies like the cake, cookies and chocolate eggs. Fill silicone moulds with molten chocolate to create chocolate eggs and then decorate as you please using fondue used for decorative cakes. This will give your dining table a tempting look.

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