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Laptop Battery Not Charging – How to fix it?

Unlike Desktops, laptops do keep facing various issue related to screen damage, overheating, fan malfunctioning and battery issues. Your laptop works on batteries which need to be charged for the device to be operational.  These batteries over the time get old and are unable to store and send power, making them problematic for further use. Moreover, there are batteries which are in good condition but still your laptop is not charging. Though there can be various reasons to it. In this post we’ll look over some major reasons as to how to fix the problem of laptop battery not charging.

  1. Check your plug outlet

Often there can be issue with your power plug to which the laptop is connected. Unplug your laptop and try to plug in a different socket (may be altogether in a different room)

  1. Check the Connection

The pin of the cord connecting to your laptop must be in full grip. If it’s loose or wobbling then unplug the cord and clear obstruction (if any) inside the pin area of the laptop. Simultaneously check out if the pin s not bent or broken

laptop battery issues solved

  1. Inspect the Cord

Though these may sound very trivial but often such things are overlooked and may be the source of actual problem. Since the cords are also used extensively as your laptop, it’s also prone to wear and tear. Inspect the cord throughout its length for any peeled out insulation. Any such indication makes your cord faulty, which is of no further use.

  1. Perform a check with Battery

Unplug your laptop and in power off mode remove the battery of your laptop (in case you have access to your battery which is beneath your laptop). Wait for few seconds and insert it back. Restart your laptop and plug it again. Check out if the problem sustains.

  1. Perform a check without Battery

Shutdown your laptop, unplug it and remove the battery. Now plug the cord back and try to start the laptop. If the laptop gets started, then the laptop battery is having an issue. It may need replacement. If it doesn’t get started then the cord is faulty.

laptop battery issues

  1. Check out your Charger

If all is fine and for those who do not have access to your battery, check out the adapter box. It may be the source of problem. Since there is no option to check the existing one. The only alternative is to check it out with the help of a friend’s charger or request the store guy to just check it once for you.

Apart from this, if you are working continuously at a stretch and your laptop is getting heated up then put off the laptop for around 20 minutes and let it cool down completely. At times sue to excessive heat there can be hindrance in the charging process. Do keep your air vents clear for proper cooling and ventilation. With these measures you can perform a thorough battery checkup. In India, You can visit Laptop Repair Hyderabad to fix the laptop battery issues.


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