Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography – Tips & Tricks

Wildlife Photography is Concerned with capturing the pictures of the natural habitat in a creative manner. Wildlife photography requires lots of patience to capture the occasional scenes. You can use long lenses to capture the subjects from the distance. As it is unsafe to go near many subjects, the usage of long lenses will help you out in capturing the best snaps. Certain wildlife creatures will feel shy and scary upon human interaction. IN those cases the Long lenses will help you to capture the shots.

wildlife photography

Even though the long lens has many advantages, it will reduce the depth of the field. It makes the background of the subject look blur and also will make the subject look that as if they are isolated from the field. Long lenses will also compress the space, which makes the elements in the frame appear looking closer together than they really are.

Shooting From Vehicles:

Make the camera to stand steady if your Shooting from the moving vehicle. Bean bags are best option to capture the subjects from the steady base. You can use tripods as well to make the base of the camera to stand steady.

Photography Tips

Shooting From a Hide:

In the case of wildlife photography, you will not have the chances to face certain animals, In those scenario’s you must hide behind the bushes or trees to capture the subjects in the best way possible. When shooting a subject from the hide tripod is the must, As it will make the camera and the lens to stand steady despite your movement.

Shooting In Out Field:

When you are shooting from the open outfield you can use either monopod or tripod or you can shoot by hand mode.

Work With Light:

As the wildlife photography occurs mostly in open lands, Natural lighting comes into play. Learn to use the natural outdoor lighting in a perfect way to capture the best possible shots. Shooting the subjects at the early morning time or late evening times will help you to capture the better photos.

wildlife photography

Capture the moments:

Considering the wildlife photography, the possibility of occurrence of a scene or event will be rare. So you must be aware of all situations and should be able to capture the moments once they occur. Being a wildlife photographer you should learn to capture the moments without missing any. Thus being a wildlife photographer it involves many pros’s and con’s to deal with.

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