Build your Own Diamond Rings

Tips to Build your Own Diamond Engagement Rings

Congratulations! You are ready to take your relationship to the next level and want to propose to your would-be. No proposal is complete without a diamond ring, but you have specific questions in mind when searching for that perfect ring. What kind of ring would she like? Should I buy a traditional solitaire or go for a contemporary ring? These are a few questions that keep popping up, but wait you can always customise the diamond rings to make them as unique and special as your relationship is. Personalized rings are not only a conversation starter but also are a pure reflection of your relationship. From gemstones and metal to shape and style, you can build your own diamond rings that are completely exclusive and unavailable anywhere else.

Here are a few tips to help you build the engagement ring.

  • Find a reputable jeweller

The engagement ring is a significant purchase of your life, and when looking to get it customised, it is essential to find a jeweller who is reputable and trustworthy just like the Australian Diamond Company. Additionally, you also need to look for a jeweller who has experience designing custom engagement rings and will be able to reset a diamond you already have. Do extensive research by visiting various jewellers in your area and ask for recommendations from your friends or family whose style you love. Working with a designer whose style appeals you will ensure you end up with the perfect engagement ring.

  • Get a vintage inspired look

Many people love vintage engagement rings as they are unique, one-of-a-kind and usually hand-crafted. However, there can be some drawbacks as the diamonds in the vintage rings are quite different from the ones used in modern rings. Some of the charm and draw of vintage engagement rings is that they can be a little inconsistent as they are individually crafted. This may not appeal to some; however, you could prefer a vintage-inspired ring. This includes beautiful filigree details and unique patterns and shapes.

Tips to Build your Own Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Go for a unique shaped diamond

The shape of a diamond helps determine the overall ring design, and if you are customising your ring, you can go for a unique diamond shape such as heart shape, marquise and a flower pattern to make a one-of-a-kind ring. There are other choices as well such as oval, pear and square. If you are not sure which shape to pick, notice the shape of the gemstones in her favourite jewellery to get an insight into what she likes. However, ensure that the diamond fits perfectly offering a great looking ring.

  • Add a pop of colour

To have a unique diamond ring, you can always add a pop of colour either in the form of coloured gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds or fancy coloured diamonds like the yellow, blue, black, purple, green or pink diamonds to give it some personality and flare. These gemstones or coloured diamonds can be used to replace the centre stone, or it can be placed next to the centre diamond along the sides. The coloured diamonds can even hold more meaning based on colour chosen or with gemstones as a symbolic birthstone.

  • Add small symbolic details

One more great way to make an engagement ring unique is to add a small symbolic feature in the ring. There are various ways to accomplish this; you can add a love knot on the bottom of the ring that is meant to symbolise eternal love between the couple. Another great idea is to add a small gemstone or diamond on the inside of the ring. Maybe it could be a birthstone or a colour that is meaningful to both of you.

These are few of the tips to help you build your own diamond engagement ring.

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