Portable Photo Booth for Your Next Event?

Considering a Portable Photo Booth for Your Next Event?

Have you ever put up a photo booth for a party or event? It can be a fun and exciting way to come together with friends or coworkers, or a newly married couple. A bunch of people having fun, putting on over-sized sunglasses and feather boas, posing for silly photos. You might be in the market to rent a Portable Photo Booth in Vancouver. Renting a photo booth has never been easier. Send an email or make a phone call, determine what kind of picture strips you want – themed parties can be so much fun with a photo booth. Book your date and have more fun than you ever imagined.

Why Not Make Your Own?

One of the biggest trends in recent years is DIY. You can make pretty much anything yourself these days. Determining whether you should or not is the hard part. If you’re considering making your own photo booth, you need to take into account what you need to do it with, if you have the tools necessary, and also how much time it will take. First you’ll need a high quality camera, or a tablet of some kind. You’ll also need to  make or buy a backdrop for your photos – or several if  you want to change things up. If you want props, you might need to find somewhere to rent them from. By the time all is said and done, you have put a lot of money into your booth that you only plan to use once. Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the professionals, and simply rent your portable photo booth.

Is it Worth it to Buy a New One?

You might be considering buying a photo booth instead of renting or even making your own. While you might find a good deal on a used photo booth, these are pretty hard to come by. If you want to buy new, you could check amazon – but you’re looking at up to several thousand dollars for something respectable. If you plan to start your own business, buying a professional quality Photo Booth is definitely a good idea, but expect to have deep pockets for that.

Making the Final Decision

At the end of the day, depending on your budget, handiness and time available, you might decide the easiest and most affordable way to setup a photo booth for your party or event, is to call a professional and rent one for less than the cost of a new tablet. There are many rental companies out there, check out your local listings to find one.

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